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Product Information

- National patent application ( Application No. 10-2014-0014855 ) Application Patent name: bicycle saddle {BICYCLE SADDLE)
- International PCT Application (KR2015-001339)
- The Hague international design registration


The saddle has a form that blocks the function altogether fundamentally not to touch the existing bicycle parts saddle barrel abuts the site of the prostate and perineum ,which typically occurs in the saddle , and the hip bone contact that touches bubunreul.
So for a long time and innovative saddle it is made ​​enjoyable by reducing dramatically the jajeonga riding feel through the saddle when riding to be Enjoy the ride more enjoyable and comfortable saddle our bi- DOS .If you look directly experience you can feel comfortable 've never felt before.

1. Saddle Nose
Saddle nose plays a role of keeping balance of body during riding and prevents a body from getting out by centrifugal force in rotating section in particular.

2. Prevent Slipping
It plays a role of preventing slipping as the center of body leans forward, giving stability when taking a seat.

3. Prostate and the Perineum
It is sunk down so that sensitive parts are not contacted.

4. Saddle Bone
No direct contact as the area contacting hip bone is drilled. Relives pains and gives stability by protecting the flesh around bone


- Weight : 250 g
- Size : 254 x 194
- Padding: Soft Polyurethane
- Rail: Cr-Mo croissant Molly
- Usage: for loads , hybrid
- Color : Black